January 2019

Crystal Kids classes – January 5, 12, 19, 26 and Feb.  2

Crystal Kids programs are created for those who want to remain strong with connection to our environment and energy. As we grow we often loose this awareness because of the need to ‘provide and belong’. SAHYS encourages the practice of connection to our true self and natural energy that provides us with life. Crystal Kids will practice Yoga, meditation, Reiki, mindfulness and education about Earth’s elements.
*Recommended for ages 3-10, parent to attend class with those under 5. $10 per class.

Inversion workshop– January 19 2-4 PM
The mysterious handstand! You see photos and watch videos of people effortlessly flying up into a handstand without breaking a sweat and you think to yourself, how in the world can anyone do that? Well, the truth is- If they can so can you! Join me for a 2 hour workshop dedicated to learning the fundamentals of hanging upside down. We’ll explore stretches and movements that will help build your flexibility and strength to get you closer to having some upside down hang time. We’ll work on fine tuning your headstand and forearm stand. We will delve into ways you can incorporate inversions into your regular Yoga practice. *This workshop is for anyone who has a regular Yoga practice and has been practicing for at least 6 months. Cost $35 for pre reg. $40 day of.

Class Schedule