About Us

Santa Anita
Hot Yoga Studio

Santa Anita Hot Yoga Studio opened in May 2014. We offer a heating system built especially for hot yoga. We provide a comfortable, clean, and safe temperature for each class by controlling the heat and adding around 50 % humidity. The practice room uses two filteration systems to provide quality and clean air to breathe. The studio uses ZebraMat antimicrobial flooring to prevent injuries and any smell; between each class the room is also cleaned.

Yoga is often accompanied by meditation, aromatherapy, traditional singing bowls and music.

We are happy to create a community where our team work shows in providing a unique and friendly atmosphere.

We support homeschool groups and parents alike providing a Community Garden, playgroups and even childcare while you practice Yoga. Wellness advice and education is something all of our staff are helpful with.

Holistic wellness services are provided by appointment, from acupuncture to Reiki and cupping.

our Facilities

  • showers
  • lockers
  • doTerra’s Therapeutic grade oils
  • street and shared lot parking
  • vegan catering and event organizing
  • photography
  • private Yoga including pre natal Yoga
  • card reading
  • community garden
  • retail
  • childcare, playgroup and homeschool support
  • health and wellness education
  • massage
  • Reiki
  • acupuncture
  • cupping

Kayla Stra

Owner/manager and founder

Born in Australia I was raised in a beautiful part of the world along the coastal town of Aldinga Beach. Horses were everywhere and I love animals, so I became a thoroughbred jockey and obtained my licence to race at age 17.
I left Australia to further my career and be with my US family in 2007. I have not only had great new adventures, but I have grown as a person and found some amazing new friends.
As a jockey and a person I have faced serious challenges such as depression, anxiety and eating disorders. In late 2010 I began to practice Hot Yoga when racing in San Fransisco. Shortly there after I was able to give up medication and even found relief from sciatic nerve pain coming from my L5 disc from years of riding.
I feel as if Hot Yoga has helped me to understand my own body and be in control of my thoughts, and I continue to hold the practice as an important part of the balance I find in my life.
As a natural progression in my Yoga practice and as a love to learn, I completed a certification to teach in 2014 and Reiki 1 & 2 in 2017. I sold my house in Australia to open Santa Anita Hot Yoga Studio. Now I can share what I learn with everyone who is ready to see, feel and connect with the magic and beauty within and around us; it is truly rewarding. I am grateful for all that is.

Enjoy. Love.
Be happy, be healthy
and be compassionate.

Enjoy. Love. Be happy, be healthy and be compassionate.