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Santa Anita
Hot Yoga Studio

Santa Anita Hot Yoga Studio opened in May 2014. We offer a heating system built especially for hot yoga. We provide a comfortable, clean, and safe temperature for each class by controlling the heat and adding around 50 % humidity. The practice room uses two filteration systems to provide quality and clean air to breathe. The studio uses ZebraMat antimicrobial flooring to prevent injuries and any smell; between each class the room is also cleaned.

We are happy to create a community where our team work shows in providing a unique and friendly atmosphere.

Yoga is often accompanied by meditation, aromatherapy, traditional singing bowls and music. We support homeschool groups and parents alike providing a Community Garden, playgroups/optional childcare while you practice Yoga, wellness advice and education.

Other services we provide include by appopintment:

  • massage
  • Reiki
  • acupuncture
  • cupping
  • healing with food (Aryuvedic health)
  • vegan catering and event organizing
  • photography
  • Holistic animal advice and Reiki
  • private Yoga including pre natal
  • card reading

Ask us about these extras if you are interested about learning more.

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Hot Yoga Practice

Community Events and Services

Community Events and Services

Teacher Training

Teacher Training



kids yoga &

These programs are created for the young yogis! Allowing children 3-10ish of age to express themselves physically and mentally and spiritually. Learning to understand the connection between body, mind and spirit with a fun and interactive group of knowledgeable guides/instructors.

Most of these are 6 week programs and require registration before the first class; this helps us to prepare and design to suit our students.

Saturdays in May 5- June 9:  Focus on: Yoga, Reiki and crystal healing. Teacher: Kayla Stra. Parents are encouraged to attend with child (free).

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